Should I Invest in the Legal Marijuana & Cannabis Industry?

So you want to invest in the legal cannabis market?

Can’t say I blame you; legal cannabis is a nascent industry which, while it appears to be fully ensconced in hormone raged puberty, is poised for greatness as it nears adulthood.

Tread carefully however, and heed red flags at every step. Much like a rebellious teenager, the legal cannabis industry is a bit unpredictable, and its parent’s guardrails are overly restrictive.

In this new article we’ll look at some of the ways to invest in cannabis and how to avoid various pitfalls. There is no shortage of listings on the market.

One look at, CannaMLS, CREXI, or BizBuySell can send the average buyer into a never-ending loop of available options; some of which are duplicates and triplicates of the same opportunity being posted by multiple brokers. Some are wildly over-priced. Some are not even legit. A canna-investors options vary and will depend on their own personal risk profile and appetite…


A canna-investor can:

  1. Become a cannabis landlord
  2. Originate a retail cannabis business permit
  3. Purchase a fully operational cannabis business
  4. Purchase a pre-operational cannabis license and complete requisite steps to become operational
  5. Op-ex and/or cap-ex investment/lending opportunities
  6. Purchase distressed assets
  7. Other Alternative concepts


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